5 iPhone Apps You Should Download Before Your Trip to Paris

When traveling to a city you’ve never been to before, you can never trust your map or your guide book entirely. Things may easily change in Paris and sometimes, you will need your smart phone and these fives apps to help you get around.

Traveling to Paris but don’t know what to do when you get there? There’s an app for that.

Paris M&MParis M&M

Paris M&M is an interesting app that lists down all the museums and attractions in Paris, their locations, and museum tour schedules. Information you may need to get to these museums and monuments are also listed by the system, as well. Paris M&M (which stands for Museums and Monuments) will help you plan your daily trip itinerary by giving you all the practical information you may need on any Paris attraction. This app is also updated regularly and costs $1.99.

Patrimap by Paris.fr

Patrimap is more of a “Where am I?” app that tells you where you are, where the nearest attractions and landmarks are, and what the nearest building is in your current location. The map is free and it is highly recommended among Parisian tourists. This tool is helpful when you are lost since it tells you, via GPS tracking, where you could catch the metro, as well.

RATP Premium

The official app of the Paris Metro service, RATP Premium is an app that includes the Paris Metro map and their travel schedules. If you’re lost in the city and need to know how to go somewhere, you may also use the built-in map to give you directions to your destination. Simply provide your point of origin and your destination and it will do the rest. The best thing about this app is its free and is regularly updated.

Velib appVélib’ App

The Velib program is a biking rental program in Paris that is also very popular across Europe. You can rent a Velib bike for 1 Euro a day or 5 Euros for 7 days, but first, you must locate a Velib bike to use. Finding Velib stations can be challenging if you are new in Paris but the Velib App can point you to a Velib station near your location.

Read more about the Velib program here.

English / French dictionary

The English / French dictionary by Editions Larousse will come very handy in Paris. If you are unfamiliar with the definition of a certain French word, all you have to do is to whip your iPhone out, enter the word into the app, and it’ll give you the English equivalent in a jiffy.


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