Getting Around Paris with a Bicycle

Aside from the metro and the train, many Parisians tend to travel on foot when going from one place to another. Another alternative is to use a bicycle or to rent a Velib, which has long since been considered as one of the most affordable vehicles to use in Paris. There were instances in the past when transport strikes brought problems to the locals who needed to travel to distant locations; however, when bicycles and the Velib bicycle renting system was introduced, transport strikes are no longer much of a threat.

The government has been very persistent in making bicycles popular in France. In fact, the idea of allowing local Parisians to rent automatic bicycles known as the Velib system was introduced to encourage Parisians to drive themselves to their destinations instead of spending a couple of Euros on a single bus ride. By introducing bicycles, the government has not only saved millions of Euros on their buses, they also continue to encourage locals to stay healthy by peddling their bicycles.

Getting around Paris with a bicycle is a common and highly recommended option instead of taking the bus. Riding your bike around the city allows you to go sightseeing, at the same time. It is cheaper and like walking, it is also an effective form of exercise.

Where to rent bicycles in Paris

Of course, we would recommend you take the Velib system since it is cheaper and very common among Parisians. You can find Velib stations in almost every nook and cranny in Paris or if you want to get your pass online, simply go to The cost for renting from the Velib program is 1 Euro a day or 5 Euros for 7 days, but first, you need to pay a 150-Euro deposit upfront.

If you’re not fond of peddling, you may rent a scooter or an electric bike instead. Freescoot is one of Paris’ most popular scooter rental companies and you can find their office in 63 quai de la Tournelle at the 5th arrondissement. You may also log on to for more information.

Where to go for leisure biking

There are two main cycling lanes in Paris: the first lane runs from Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne and the other goes from Parc de Pantin to Porte de Vincennes. These are the recommended routes you should take during your trip; however, if you want to go for a leisurely drive, you could drive along the Seine on weekends when the road is blocked and cars are not allowed to enter. Remember, this is scheduled on Sunday only, from 9 AM till 4 PM.

Tourists who want to see Paris from a local’s point of view should consider taking transportations that allow you a full view of the Parisian vicinity. That being said, try to bring a bike, rent, or purchase one when you get to Paris.